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When it comes to air conditioning, things can get a little confusing sometimes. Between the different brands, types and what they claim to do, one is excused in often feeling a little overwhelmed. When it comes to air conditioning types however, Sea Air can help you with all your questions and help you pick the best system for your circumstances. We’re your specialists when it comes to deciphering air conditioning classifications, so give us a call today!

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What are the different types of air conditioners?

There are a few major varieties of air conditioners :

Single split system

Split system air conditioning is commonly used in commercial settings, due to its high level of energy efficiency and versatility in installation. A single split system has only one indoor unit, which is connected to one outdoor unit, and they vary in kW size. This system is generally used for targeting one room only (‘spot cooling’), due to the single unit being the only cooling device. If you are however looking at climate control for multiple rooms, a multi-split system is generally a more appropriate option.

Multi-split system

A multi-split system is made up of multiple indoor systems which are all connected to one outdoor unit. A multi-split system has a higher initial cost to install, due to the multiple units that require installation, however in the long term a multi-split system is more energy efficient than multiple single split systems. Each indoor unit for a multi-split system can be controlled individually, however one outdoor unit can usually only run around four indoor units efficiently at once. Generally, if a building does not have the room required for a ducted system, or outdoor room is tight, a multi-split system is usually the best option (and it’s a little nicer to look at too, with minimal outdoor units!)

Ducted air conditioning

When it comes to requiring climate control for a whole building, ducted air conditioning is one of the best options available. Also known as central air conditioning, it offers a quiet and unobtrusive temperature control system for multiple rooms or larger areas by placing ducts in the ceilings in the applicable rooms. Ducted air conditioning can have a higher upfront cost than other types of systems, due to the modifications to the building that are required, however in the long term can be a more cost effective option to run. They are also practically impossible to see indoors, besides the vents and controls, but they do require a large compressor to be placed outside.

Cassette air conditioners

Cassette air conditioning systems are common when space in a building or room is limited, meaning a ducted or split system just will not fit. The indoor unit sits level with the ceiling and the outdoor unit resembles a split system unit, meaning minimal space is needed overall for installation.

Window mounted air conditioners

Window mounted units are generally noisier than many other air conditioning options, however can easier by installed on a window and do not require two separate units like other systems. They are designed to fit in a window and require minimal upfront installation fees, however can be a little less energy efficient. They can be taken with you when you move homes however, making them a suitable option if you are renting your house.

There are also other varieties, such as floor consoles, portable air conditioners, split ducted, ceiling consoles and air curtains, which are alternative options to your temperature control needs. There is absolutely something for everyone!

Types of air conditioning we service

We service, repair, install and maintain a large variety of air conditioning types including :

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